116 w/ Harry Siegel "Soros' Paid Protest Mobs, Team Woke vs Team Resentment"

w/Harry Siegel, (Senior Editor at The Daily Beast)

  • Three Very Fine Bottles of Wine

  • Soros: boogeyman on a global scale

  • Anti-semitic dog whistles or nah?

  • Harry (literally) co-wrote the book on Rudy Giuliani

  • The era of conspiracy theory

  • Fact checkers suck

  • Trump's USA Today op-ed

  • Everyone hates P.C.—but what is P.C.?

  • Are the politically disengaged really the "center"?

  • Dying online from the outrage mobs

  • "Chinese finger trap"

  • The Mohammad cartoons and Charlie Hebdo

  • Kavanaugh and Blasey Ford's lives from here

  • What is your reputation worth?

Released - 10/12/2018
Recorded - 10/10/2018