127 w/ Brian Stelter "The Holy Order of Journalism, Excommunicating Steve King, CNN in *Resistance Mode*?"

"They're like a train -- a train that's always runnin' right on time." - Anonymous

With Guest: Brian Stelter
(Chief Media Corespondent @ CNN) + (Host, “Reliable Sources”)

  • Moynihan Meets Ann Coulter (Again)

  • A Boy and His Blog

  • Authoritarian Storm Clouds

  • The Temple of Journalism

  • Is CNN in Resistance Mode?

  • Grading Trump on a Curve

  • Excommunicating Steve King


  • Media Literacy

  • "Page One", and The Business of News

  • Kasich to CNN, Rep. Omar's Really Bad Day

  • NPR + MAGA

  • Russia-gate, and The Biggest Story of Our Time

Recorded: PM 1/17/2019

Published: 1/18/2019