Episode 64: “It’s Blackmail, Presser in Poland, Jay Z: Feminism”

A Guide to This Week's Dispatch:

  • No Mic for Anthony Fisher
  • Kmele read 22 books this weekend (including Letters to a Young Contrarian, The Shadow of the Panther)
  • Moynihan talks about Hitchens
  • Something about the Black Panthers, Lew Rockwell, Marvin Gaye and Berry Gordy
  • Russian tourist abuses child
  • Moynihan outs an octogenarian former Nazi at a barbecue (sort of)
  • (We're at about the 20 min mark here.)


  • #CNNBlackmail scandal (False Start)
  • President Trump in Poland (Did You Know: POTUS was once on a show called "The Apprentice")
  • An Actual #CNNBlackmail conversation
  • North Korea
  • Jay-Z Isn't a Feminist
  • Colin Kaepernick, Fredrick Douglas, and What the 4th of July Means to a Slave