Episode 68: w/ Radley Balko & Thad Russell "Criminal Justice, Naughty Texts, Fire, Fury, & Diversity!"


Radley Balko - Washington Post columnist, author of Rise of the Warrior Cop and the forthcoming Dr. Death and The Country Dentist (Feb 2018).

Thaddeus Russell - Host of the Unregistered podcast, author of A Renegade History of the United States.

Topics (+Extra Innings!):

  • Criminal Justice Reform Miasma (Obama's Legacy, Trump's Trajectory, Opioids, Ferguson Three Years On)
  • Foreign Policy Miasma (Venezuela, North Korea, Philippines, Paul Manafort's Lair)
  • Culture War Miasma (Diversity Memo Meltdown, Outrage about a Hypothetical Show Concept, Moynihan Uncomfortable Watching Game of Thrones)
  • Pro-tip: Don't Send Send Photos of Your Junk to CoWorkers Without Their Consent. (May not end well. Sure, it could, theoretically work out fine... but odds aren't great.)

Moynihan, Fisher, and Foster are in the building; Welch is... in "Europe"... and claims to have no internet access.

Book References: