113 "McCain's Eulogy, Louis CK's Resurrection, Monkeying Things Up"

  • Pusha T's new album and Whitney Huston's bathroom countertop.

  • Bobby Brown's prerogative.

  • Was it Maurice Starr (or) Lou Pearlman? Remembering a 'Mavric'.

  •  Jack Shafer wrote a bad piece.

  • You can’t criticize John McCain, except when you're totally criticizing John McCain.

  • Matt vs Antiwar libertarians.

  • Immigration policy, racism, Trump and Europe. 

  • Hasidics in Williamsburg.

  • Louis CK returns to the Comedy Cellar.

  • The Patriarchy = White supremacy. Everyone's Guilty. The Kids are alright.

(Recorded August 29th, 2018)