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140 w/ Ben Dreyfuss "Muller Who, Jill Abramson's Privilege , True Hollywood Stories"

w/ Ben Dreyfuss (Editorial Director @ Mother Jones)

  • Hati- Waiting for Godot

  • Ben Dreyfuss is, Young Bernie Madoff

  • Jill Abramson's 'Write' Privilege

  • "Strange Justice" = "Strange Fruit"?

  • Political turncoats

  • Paleo-Neoconservative

  • Private School Kids Buying Drugs

  • Daddy Issues

  • Bret Easton Ellis' Bad Writing

  • Death threats

  • Race Realists

Recorded: 4/17/2019

Published: 4/19/2019

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139 w/ Andrew Sullivan "Civil Rights, Immigration, Julian Assange, Too Many Popes"

#139 - "Civil Rights, Immigration, Julian Assange, Too Many Popes"
w/ Andrew Sullivan
(Writer-at-Large, New York Magazine)

  • Hating New York

  • What Would Hitch Say?

  • On Being a Reluctant, Problematic Civil Rights Pioneer

  • Surviving a Death Sentence

  • Immigration Backlash

  • Obama Hated Identity Politics?

  • Assange Arrested

  • Pope Benedict blames the 60s

  • Too Many Popes

  • The Comfort of Religious Ritual

Recorded: 4/11/2019
Published: 4/12/2019

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138 w/ Aaron Maté "Russiagate Victory Lap, Visiting Venezuela, Super Gaye Music"

#138 - "Russiagate Victory Lap, Visiting Venezuela, Super Gaye Music"
w/ Aaron Maté (@

  • Our Mathematical Universe

  • "Leaving Neverland" Revisionism

  • Russiagate: Right, Wrong, Whatever

  • Jonathan Chait is “Completely* Correct*”

  • When in Venezuela + Nobody Likes Sanctions

  • Venezuela: Humanitarian Crisis, Economic Crisis"

  • Making Friends + Enemies on Twitter

  • "The Realm of Hungry Ghosts" (a book by Aaron's Dad)

  • Stop Snitchin (On Your Sources)

  • Joe Biden Feminism 

  • Kmele Talked w/ Thad

  • Marvin Gaye: You're the (black) Man

Recorded: 4/3/2019

Published: 4/4/2019

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137 "Use Your Collusion I and II, Jussie Smollett Walks"

#137 - "Islamists v White Nationalists, Segregated NYC Schools, 2020 Hopefuls"

  • Trump: Death by gloating

  • Margaret Sullivan: the Captain Beefheart of journalism

  • Glenn Greenwald spikes the football with a vengeance

  • MSNBC doubles down

  • Seth Abramson: Poet laureate, Resistance Hero

  • Trump's enemies list and love of authoritarians

  • Roger Stone and the D-list of DC conservatism

  • Jussie Smollet's privilege

Recorded: 3/26/2019

Published: 3/28/2019

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136 w/ Tina Nguyen "Islamists v White Nationalists, Segregated NYC Schools, 2020 Hopefuls"

#136 - "Islamists v White Nationalists, Segregated NYC Schools, 2020 Hopefuls"

w/ Tina Nguyen (Vanity Fair)

  • Tina's Theranos Voice

  • Elizabeth Warren Holmes

  • Revisiting the Universal Basic Income (Kmele hasn't endorse UBI or Andrew Yang)

  • Technophobia, 'McDonald’s employees will murder you'

  • The Three-Fifths Column

  • Matt does Betomania

  • Getting It Wrong on Iraq

  • The Cycles of Massacre Reaction/Coverage

  • Islamists v. White Nationalists

  • Stuyvesant High School and Asian Privilege

  • "F*ck off Tiger Parents"

Recorded: 3/21/2019

Published: 3/24/2019

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135 "Privileged College Parents, Platform Revoked"

#135 - "Privileged College Parents, Platform Revoked"

  • Kmele's in 'Frisco', Moynihan's hungover, Matt got lit up on Twitter

  • Desperate wealthy college parents headed to prison?

  • The injustice of legacy admissions

  • Elite colleges are overrated

  • Biden v. Beto

  • Venezuela's blackout and the three initials who shall not be named

  • Platforming vs de-platforming

  • Tucker Carlson's shock-jock period

  • National Review swinging (and missing) at Trump

  • If you’re going to “Cancel,” cancel everything

  • Matt's Pat Caddell tribute/roast thingRecorded: 3/5/2019

Recorded: 3/12/2019

Published: 3/18/2019

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134 "The Universal Basic Income (and a few other things besides)"

#134 - "The Universal Basic Income (and a few other things besides)"

w/ Andrew Yang


Should we be preparing for a Post-Jobs Dystopia or A Post-Scarcity Paradise?


A discussion w/ entrepreneur and 2020 Democratic Presidential hopeful, Andrew Yang. We explore The Freedom Dividend, Yang's proposal to pay $1,000 per month to every American over the age of 18.

Recorded: 3/6/2019

Published: 3/11/2019

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131 "Jussie Smollett Indicted, Hate Crimes, Hacks in the Newsroom, Bernie"

#131 - "Jussie Smollett Indicted, Hate Crimes, Hacks in the Newsroom, Bernie"

  • Jussie Smollett, Indicted (Kmele Totally Called That Shit)

  • But Then Again, The Whole Gang Totally Called That Shit Too

  • Coast Guard Neo-Nazi would-be terrorist arrested

  • Kmele and Liz Plank on "Reliable Sources"

  • Unreliable hate crime statistics

  • Social Justice Judo

  • CNN Hires Sarah Isgur Flores

  • Bill Moyers, Problematic Icon

  • Bernie Sanders, Front-runner

  • Some Idiot Wrote This

  • Download "Headspace" Today

Recorded: PM 2/20/2019

Published: 2/21/2019

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127 w/ Brian Stelter "The Holy Order of Journalism, Excommunicating Steve King, CNN in *Resistance Mode*?"

127 "The (Syrian) Withdrawal Method, Journalistic Imperatives"

with Guest: Brian Stelter
(Chief Media Corespondent @ CNN) + (Host, “Reliable Sources”)

  • Moynihan Meets Ann Coulter (Again)

  • A Boy and His Blog

  • Authoritarian Storm Clouds

  • The Temple of Journalism

  • Is CNN in Resistance Mode?

  • Grading Trump on a Curve

  • Excommunicating Steve King

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126 “Trump's Fence, Dating Ocasio-Cortez, Shaun King's Crusade”

126 “Trump's Fence, Dating Ocasio-Cortez, Shaun King's Crusade”

  • The Border Fence Shutdown

  • Acceptable Reasons to Dislike AOC

  • Tea Party Retrospective

  • Ellen Met Kevin

  • Jazmine Barnes, Shaun King, and Overconcen

  • Destroying The Weatherman

  • Race Price, New York City Public Schools, and Historical Fictions

  • Human Rights + Angela Davis 

Recorded: 1/9/2019

Published: 1/11/2019

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123 w/ Michael Barbaro and Jody Avirgan "Live at the Comedy Cellar in New York City"

123 "Live at the Comedy Cellar in New York City" w/ Michael Barbaro and Jody Avirgan

Our first live recording; taped at the legendary Comedy Cellar in New York City. Topic: "On Speech Controversies and The State of Journalism After Two Years of Trump."

Michael Barbaro, "The Daily" (The New York Times)

Jody Avirgan, "30 for 30" (ESPN) and "The Five-Thirty-Eight Politics Podcast” (Five-Thirty-Eight)

Published:  12/6/2018

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122 w/ Kevin Roose “Russiagate Reloaded, Facebook, Google Dragonfly + China”

“Russiagate Reloaded, Facebook, Google Dragonfly + China”(Dispatch #122)

WITH GUESTS: Kevin Roose (Columnist, The New York Times)

  • *Black*Intellectuals

  • Live @ The Comedy Cellar

  • All the Presidents Rogues

  • Nature, Severity, and Consequence

  • Facebook's Peril

  • Google's Dragonfly

  • China's Citizenship Scores

Recorded: PM 11/7/2018

Published: 11/8/2018

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121 “On Anti Racism” w/ Loury, McWhorter, Hughes, Williams, and Foster

Kmele facilitates a wide-ranging conversation on race, racism, and anti-racism.


Glenn Loury 

  • Professor of the social sciences and economics at Brown University 

  • Host, The Glenn Show @

Thomas Chatterton Williams

  • Author, "Losing My Cool"

  • Contributing writer @ New York Times Magazine.

  • National Fellow at New America, where he’s completing a new book project about ‘being the black father of white-looking children in Paris’.

John McWhorter 

  • Professor of Linguistics, Philosophy, and Music at Columbia

  • Host, Slate’s "Lexicon Valley" Podcast

  • Writes for the Atlantic

Coleman Hughes

  • Undergraduate Philosophy major at Columbia University

  • Columnist at Quillette

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