From their enclave in midtown Manhattan, Michael Moynihan (Vice), Matt Welch (Reason), and Kmele Foster (Freethink) dissect the news, interrogate guests, and question just about everything. The topics are broad, the insights are deep, and the jokes are off color. Reform the system, or burn it to the ground? They discuss...

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Michael Moynihan

Michael Moynihan is a National Correspondent for Vice News. He was previously the cultural news editor for The Daily Beast/Newsweek, the managing editor of Vice magazine, and a senior editor of the libertarian magazine, Reason. Michael is a frequent contributor to national news programs and publications.


Matt Welch

Matt Welch is an editor at large at Reason, the libertarian magazine of "free minds and free markets." A published author of two books, his work has also appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and scores of other publications. Matt is a frequent guest on national news programs.


Kmele Foster

Kmele Foster is a journalist, serial entrepreneur, and partner at Freethink, a media company that publishes stories about social and technological innovations. He is a frequent contributor to national news programs and publications where he offers his insights on current events and public policy.