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W/ David French

- Various Notes on the Amy Cooper Interview

- The Enablers

- Earnest Disagreement

- The Two Illiberal Wings of Twitter

- False Dichotomies, All The Way Down

- Negative Partisanship and the Politics of Animosity

- When ‘Your’ Base Turns on You

- The Home Teams Defect

- Structural, Systemic, Real, Imagined

- Revising the CRT Bans

- The Empty Promise of CRT

Published: 8/10/21


Our first live recording; taped at the legendary Comedy Cellar in New York City.

With Guests: Michael Barbaro, "The Daily" (The New York Times)Jody Avirgan, "30 for 30" and "The Five-Thirty-Eight Politics Podcast" (Five-Thirty-Eight, ESPN)  

"On Speech Controversies and The State of Journalism After Two Years of Trump."

Recorded: 12/4/2018 (@ The Comedy Cellar in New York City)Published: 12/6/2018